About Marina

BlueAlizarinYellow  - 35x26 – Oil 2005

BlueAlizarinYellow – 35×26 – Oil 2005

The roots of my life and work are steeped in Russian art and culture.  My earlier works had a whiff of Russian Constructivism (purely unconsciously; I was thrilled when it was pointed out to me). I am still searching for a way to express the breadth of feelings and emotions and the struggle for meaning and life’s anchor.  My major influences are Mark Rothko, Wassily Kandinsky and Marc Chagall.  My heart leaps when I see their work and I think ‘how do I do THAT’.

My work is color, texture, and flow.  Movement of pencil on paper, brush on canvas, and lines and shapes on a surface, any surface. The excitement of watching hot metal bending under acetylene torch and the flow of melting metal as two pieces are joined together and a sculpture emerges.  It’s about the impossible, the discovery of a potential, and the excitement of seeing a completed work.  And I continue the search.

I like to work with almost all media: oil on canvas; watercolor, chalk, charcoal, and pastel on paper; occasional painting or drawing in acrylic; welded steel sculpture.  I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts at LIU in New York. I have had several shows in galleries in Manhattan and Long Island, and one of my shows was featured in the New York Times. I currently live and work in Santa Cruz, California

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